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Analysis of the cause of overheating of the plunger pump

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The cause of the overheating of the plunger pump is more complicated, and the location of heat generation is not single, including liquid and mechanical aspects. There are many reasons for overheating in each part. The following plunger pump manufacturers will introduce the causes of overheating in liquid and machinery. There are two reasons for the excessive heating of the plunger pump, as follows:

     One is the mechanical conflict heat
     Because the appearance of the movement is in a state of conflict or semi-interference, the moving parts conflict with each other to generate heat;
     The second is liquid conflict heat
     High-pressure oil leaks into the low-pressure chamber through various gaps, and a lot of hydraulic energy loss is converted into heat energy.
     Therefore, the accurate selection of the gap between the moving parts, the volume of the oil tank and the cooler can prevent the appearance of excessive heat generation and excessive oil temperature of the pump. In addition, the return oil filter becomes clogged and the back pressure of the return oil is too high, which can also cause excessive oil temperature and overheating of the pump body.
     The editor here should remind everyone that the cause of the overheating of the plunger pump, in addition to the above two aspects, also pay attention to the working environment of the plunger pump, the heat dissipation conditions are good or bad.