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Pioneer pump industry investment prospect analysis

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The plunger pump is one of the pumps, and the entire pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry. The market demand is greatly affected by macro policies, especially the macro policies of industries such as water conservancy, construction, and energy. Hydraulic plunger pumps are a type of plunger pumps. There are no companies with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan in the hydraulic industry. Even companies with an annual output value of more than 500 million yuan are few. The total annual sales of the Rexroth family.


    When the supporting industry does not have the ability to compete with foreign companies, the artificial control of imported products on the domestic market will be strong and irrelevant. The fact that most of the profits of construction machinery are taken away by supporting parts has made the mainframe production enterprises miserable and helpless.
    Based on this situation, in recent years, plunger pump manufacturers and funds in other industries are constantly entering the hydraulic industry. Sany Heavy Industry invested more than 1 billion yuan to enter the hydraulic industry. This situation will undoubtedly increase the intensity of competition in the industry and change the original industrial structure and order.
    The plunger pump is a typical positive displacement hydraulic machine. It is driven by the prime mover, converts the input mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy, and then inputs it into the system in the form of pressure and flow. It is the power source of the hydraulic system. Because it can transport liquid under high pressure, it is widely used in various industries in industrial production and daily life.