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Solutions for lack of oil displacement of axial piston pump

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Reasons and solutions for lack of oil displacement of axial piston pump:    1) The obstruction or resistance of the oil suction pipe and the oil filter is too large: it should be cleaned in real time to remove the blockage.
    2) The diameter of the oil suction pipe is too small: properly increase the diameter of the pipe to make the oil suction smooth.
    3) The oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is too low: the amount of oil should be checked and the oil should be added properly.
    4) The pump body is not filled with oil spill, and some atmosphere: the pump should be filled with oil and exhausted.
    5) The seal is not strict, and there is an atmosphere: tighten the relevant joints.
轴向柱塞泵排油量缺乏的解决办法Solutions for lack of oil displacement of axial piston pump
    6) Wear between the plunger and the cylinder hole or the oil distribution plate and the cylinder body: the contact surface should be changed for good contact.
    7) The leakage in the hydraulic pump is severe, and the volumetric efficiency is low: the hydraulic pump is properly repaired.
    8) The return stroke of the plunger is inadequate or cannot be returned, causing a seal between the cylinder and the oil distribution plate: the core spring is broken, the core spring should be checked and replaced.
    9) If the variable mechanism fails, the mission request cannot be reached: the adjustment error should be checked and corrected.
    10) Improper oil temperature or suction by hydraulic pump, resulting in internal leakage or hard oil absorption: according to the actual environment of temperature rise, select the appropriate oil and fasten the adjacent place that can leak.
    11) The motor speed is insufficient: find the reason and stop adjusting.
    12) Excessive viscosity of oil: change the oil with proper viscosity in real time.