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The plunger pump manufacturer tells you how to adjust

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The plunger pump relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder to change the volume of the sealed working volume to achieve oil absorption and pressure. It is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow needs to be adjusted, such as hydraulic presses, construction machinery and ships. When the plunger pump is turned on for 1-2 hours, the temperature, pressure, and sound of each part need to be checked and adjusted to ensure normal operation. Plunger pump manufacturers introduce specific operations for you, as follows:

柱塞泵厂家告诉你调整工作如何进行    A check before the test
    The power supply is well grounded.
   (1) Confirm that the plunger pump power supply voltage and wiring are correct.
   (2) Confirm that the pipeline, pump parts, pressure gauge and safety valve are not abnormal (may be damaged due to transportation and other reasons)
    2 Oil injection
   (1) Confirm that the oil sump of the plunger pump base is clean, and the oil grade is filled with oil according to the position indicated by the oil mark;
   (2) Inject lubricating oil into the oil sump of the machine base. Different types of plunger pumps use lubrication, sticking between high and low oil levels, and the flange screws on the hydraulic end should be moderate (about 530N.M do not apply too much ;
    3. Check whether the screws of each part of the plunger pump are loose. In order to prevent the "upper sleeve" from being crushed, check whether the motor coupling, electric contact pressure gauge, and electrical equipment are normal.
    4. Check whether the accessories are normal.
    5. Whether the upper limit of the electric contact pressure gauge is adjusted to 1.1 times the rated pressure value.
    Six test machine
    The electrical contact pressure gauge indicates that at 1.1 times the rated pressure, all valves on the suction pipe and discharge pipe are opened to the large position. Confirm that the high-pressure pump safety valve is normal before starting the host.
   (1) It is strictly forbidden to close the inlet valve;
   (2) Confirm that the oil level in the oil tank is normal and the motor starts to start;
   (3) Press the start switch;
   (4) Check whether the motor turns correctly. Check for abnormal noise;
   (5) After starting up. Whether the machine parts are loose, and whether the seals are leaking;
   (6) Observe whether the pressure gauge value indicates the rated value.