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Plunger pump manufacturers share their two representative structural forms

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As far as plunger pumps are concerned, it refers to axial and radial plunger pumps. The plunger pump is divided into two representative structural forms of the axial plunger pump and the radial plunger pump. Since the radial plunger pump belongs to a new type of high-efficiency pump with relatively high technical content, as the localization continues to accelerate , Radial piston pump will inevitably become an important part of the application field of the piston pump. The following plunger pump manufacturers will introduce it in detail:
柱塞泵厂家分享其两种代表性结构形式Plunger pump manufacturers share their two representative structural forms
    The pumping mechanism of the plunger pump includes two sets of precision couples: the plunger and the plunger sleeve constitute the plunger couple, and the oil discharge valve and the oil discharge valve seat constitute the oil discharge valve couple.
    The plunger and plunger sleeve are a pair of precision couples, which cannot be interchanged after being paired and polished. They require high precision and smoothness and good wear resistance. The radial clearance is 0.002 to 0.003mm.
    The plunger head is cut with a chute on the cylindrical surface, and communicates with the top through radial holes and axial holes. Its purpose is to change the circulating oil supply; the plunger sleeve has inlet and return holes, all of which are connected to the pump. The low-pressure oil chambers in the body communicate with each other. After the plunger is fitted into the upper body of the pump, positioning screws should be used for positioning.
    The position of the chute of the plunger head is different, and the method of changing the oil supply amount is also different.
    The oil outlet valve and the oil outlet valve seat are also a pair of precision couples, which can not be interchanged after matching and grinding, and the matching clearance is 0.01mm.
    The oil outlet valve is a one-way valve. Under the pressure of the spring, the upper conical surface of the valve closely cooperates with the valve seat. Its function is to isolate the high-pressure fuel pipe from the cavity at the upper end of the plunger when the supply is stopped to prevent oil in the high-pressure fuel pipe Back flow into the fuel injection pump.
    The lower part of the oil outlet valve has a cross section, which can not only guide but also pass diesel. There is a small cylindrical surface under the cone surface of the oil outlet valve, called the decompression annulus. Its function is to make the oil pressure in the high-pressure fuel pipe drop quickly when the oil supply is finished, to avoid the phenomenon of oil dripping at the injection hole. When the annulus falls into the valve seat, the upper volume is quickly increased, the pressure is rapidly reduced, and the spray is stopped quickly.
    The above are the two representative structural forms that plunger pump manufacturers share with you, do you understand? Hope to provide more help for you to understand the plunger pump.